SMART TEchnoloGY  Easier Life.

We provide businesses with means to evolve through digital innovation

Technology should Spark Joy.
As profitable investments do.

We turn digital transformation challenges into additional sources of revenue.




We help businesses define and prioritize digital transformation initiatives.
To identify the optimal implementation roadmap, we evaluate the digital maturity and existing gap towards strategic targets.

Business Processes Redesign

We use our methodology of convergence to rethink and redesign key business processes, increasing business performance exponentially (by digital innovation).

New Digital Business Models

We help companies build innovative business models, designed as vibrant digital ecosystems and communities, where interactions between all participants are enhanced by smart automated processes and A.I.

“The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented”
Dennis Gabor, Nobel Prize in Physics

New Products, Faster

Knowledge is the continuous tradeoff between beliefs and facts

Business Concept

Define objectives, values, personas and ideate as much as possible

The power of "GO" / "NO-GO"

Understanding the impact by prototyping and user testing solutions before implementation.

Digitization Analysis

Seeing your business challenge from different angles, lateral thinking.

Software development

Software architectures and development plan, software integration

Recent Articles

The Methodology Of Convergence

Conventionally, digital business projects are limited to transposing the existent knowledge into a digital format, in order to get more transparency and some automated features. In many situations, this limited scope cannot create value; the solutions are not adapted to the dynamic reality and to business development needs. As a matter of fact, this is the hidden problem that causes significant failures within the digital business realm.

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