EMISSIONX - Carbon Emissions Management powered by Enterteq Software (partnership)

Calculate, report and optimize your carbon print effectively


Compliance and competition pressure
  • CSRD adopted by the European Parliament on November 10, 2022 obliges companies to report on ESG indicators, including carbon print. 2030 is the deadline to achieve 55% reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Difficulty to find data: Emissions in Scope 3 require data from clients and suppliers, as well as from other third parties (for emission factors)
  • ESG criteria become increasingly important for investors, consumers and community


Solution – EMISSIONX Platform

  • A.I.-powered, intelligent data architecture to capture and process all data
  • Reporting compliance and data traceability
  • Integration of business ecosystem (partners) on the platform to facilitate data exchange in real time
  • Accounting, planning and allocation of emissions as desired


Ethics as Component of Performance
  • Fully compliant reporting with reduced effort
  • Visibility and control over the carbon print, sources and optimization potential  
  • ESG KPIs integrated in the overall performance framework
  • Additional revenues by extending the service to smaller supplier