Smart Field Service Management



Control over Assets and Client Servicing
  • Lack of control over the interventions carried out by third parties
  • Ineffective asset management: interruptions in production, unnecessary and/or untimely maintenance activities, avoidable costs.
  • Managing risks related to environmental and safety liability 


Integrating Assets, Providers and Clients
  • Define and manage: clients, assets, service catalogs, interventions (end-to-end)
  • Claim2Me is a white-label business model, which means the provider can apply its brand and set the desired security, quality and predictability standards.
  • Intervention requests may be launched by the client or signaled by the system, based on A.I. asset profiling. Tickets are then allocated with the help of a dispatcher or based on automated rules and monitored until closed.
  • For customers and specialists the solution is available as a mobile app only. The payments are operated by credit card.
  • Specialists are endorsed by the service provider and subject of customer scoring.
  • The platform ensures automated alerts and notifications, and actions may be triggered by the system or by a human dispatcher, depending on criticality.


Transparency, quality, higher revenues & customer satisfaction

  • Up to 18% savings in asset management costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and reputation, leading to higher revenues up to 50%
  • Reduced risk impact through better control over field management processes
  • Lower costs related to losses, penalties, non compliance and asset deterioration 
  • Building joint responsibility with your client in designing the processes to achieve ESG targets (i.e. gas leaks, fugitive emissions thresholds etc.)