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Many large companies (as well as entrepreneurial initiatives) are starting to recognize the tremendous value potential offered by third party innovation. This can help drive revenue growth and cost reduction, as well as improve risk management. The new economic environment urgently requires innovation as the main development engine. Ultimately, many companies will fail without strong and implementable innovation policies.

AXIOBIT is an outstanding business initiative that offers high professional services related to innovation. It aims to transform the consulting work from text-based to visual. Therefore, the core services are: mapping (processes, decisions, rules), prototyping (sprint and evolutionary), and learning. MAUD is a mature consulting initiative that joins together a group of exceptional management and IT consultants specialized in dealing with visual artifacts and design thinking methodology. They have contributed with their experiences and knowledge in developing a complex matrix of innovation services that MAUD would offer today.

AXIOBIT offers:

  • Business objects (prototypes) that help organizations to understand and test the future;
  • Maps for understanding processes, rules and decisions, and for supporting the comprehension of their performance impact;
  • A proprietary methodology for engaging people in the process of building and designing innovative objects of business;
  • A rationale for strategic and operational decisions;
  • Courses that are fundamental for people development schemes, with specific focus on innovation, design thinking, prototyping, and mapping.

Axiobit efficiently combines creativity and pragmatism in delivering its consulting ventures.

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