Experience has taught us that complex questions can be better answered by employing a multidisciplinary approach. It takes years of experience to achieve simplicity when solving complex problems, especially when you tackle the intricate world of retail operations.

By joining forces, Valuement and Axiobit aim to ensure the perfect set of skills and capabilities to build innovative solutions for retailers in managing performance: the extensive retail knowledge and financial forensic expertise on one hand, and the refined digital transformation and process performance management knowledge on the other.

After many years of developing conceptual and digital solutions in retail, it became obvious for us that retail store operations need a refreshed view on performance, one that empowers managers to take control in real time and to actually manage and model operations performance, instead of just measuring the financial results at the end, when it is too late to take action.

The concept of performance is a dynamic language, that becomes a common, yet distinctive
expression for each company.

This partnership has set out to redefine the concept of performance in store operations and to equip operations managers in retail with powerful performance instruments, adaptable to the specific company culture, that can radically set them apart from competitors.