Introduction is a software platform that creates and sustains communication, a social and transactional framework for business.
Its main scope is to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to understand, learn and apply the business principles for business and money transformation as commercial and investment flows. is an interaction-based software construct that offers the users a set of innovative services supported by algorithm and AI based modules. It supports the transformation of money into capital and enhances the value of the business portfolios.

During the last years, software platforms claiming this scope have been developed. Many of them are national, which is a limitation today and all of them are databases with little interaction among the players. In this context, is a unique business and software construct by its offering related to profiling, matchmaking, engagement, specific services and continuous human support. Ventacy Software, Ltd is an Irish incorporated company with independent branches in different countries. The plan is to create a network of 50 branches in Europe, USA, and Asia in the next 2 years.

Unique Business Proposition is an innovative software platform that brings the entrepreneurial business and money closer than ever through innovative digital services and community engagement practices.

The Business Services platform offers business services that support investment ventures and business collaboration for entrepreneurs and capital owners.

They are:
  1. Web profile editor.
  2. Social wall as a dynamic profile.
  3. Social features and a matchmaking engine.
  4. The simulator for the value of business (firm)
  5. One pager builder.
  6. Ventacy Mobile Application.

Ventacy team is working on the design and software development of new functionalities to increase the platform usage such as:

  1. Localization of concept aligning languages and business cultural framework.
  2. Designing and applying a process-based AI module for engagement.
  3. Business validation and creation of a transactional framework by using the Blockchain Technology.

Besides the digital services, Ventacy Software, Ltd team designed and developed a set of human related collaboration services such as:

  1. Professional curating services;
  2. Issuing professional investment documentation;
  3. Human managed investment process.

Innovative Business Approach And Software Alogorithms

In order to touch the platform scope of business a set of innovative algorithms have been developed.

Among the innovative approaches used in there are:

  • The innovative web page editor that allows the users to create a personal webpage without any technical knowledge;
  • The matchmaking algorithms that allow technical connections among the users from many perspectives such as business complementarity, business investment interests, key words, location, etc.
  • Business value algorithms that are a simple engine that allows immediate calculation of the value of business based on a set of qualitative and quantitative variables;
  • A content management framework that can provide an elegant manner to build a one pager document.

The research and development teams of Ventacy Software, Ltd. are working on the analyses of the business requirements and software development in order to create the localization and transactional modules. The applied software is innovatively thought on the following domains:

  1. Natural localization of the application that will need using the local language and on the spot translation in English for accessing all the application features. As consequence, all texts issued in other languages than English are translated in English in the backend for matchmaking, onepager, etc. and can also be immediately translated in any language the user requests for the full usage of the platform.
  2. The transactional module will be based on Blockchain Technology that will allow a full transparency and trust among the users and may facilitate either FIAT or cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transactional model.
  3. The engagement software related to developing an AI module based on the business process management approach. That will be a designed and implemented set of business process as answers to a contextual trigger.